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Why you should
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Mobile App

Streamline Visitor Management with
Touchless Mobile Solutions

The HelixSpace Visitor Management application offers comprehensive and touch-free solutions to completely streamline check-in and check-out processes.
The HelixSpace Visitor Management App Includes:
• Touchless Staff Attendance
• Contactless visitor registration
• Body Temperature scanning
• COVID-19 Visitor screening
• Electronic Document signing

Keep up with Cleaning Demands with
Needs-based Sanitization

We leverage sensors and occupancy data to align cleaning procedures with
real-time demands by intelligently triggering automated cleaning protocols or
by identifying cleaning personnel.

  • Occupancy sensors trigger automated cleaning requests
  • Adhere to guidelines and rapidly clean recently occupied areas
  • Stay ahead of routine cleaning procedures
  • Restrict access to particular areas and workspaces that require cleaning
  • Maximize efficiency and productivity in times of partial building occupancy

Employees with Laptop

Ensure All Precautionary Steps are Taken with Automated Digital Checklists

The centralized HelixSpace platform digitizes facility maintenance and management making it easy to generate daily, weekly, and monthly checklists for each department or team.

Temperature Screening

Fight off new Cases with Instant Temperature Screening

Our Advanced Thermal Imaging technology enables organizations to scan groups and large crowds to instantly detect individuals with elevated temperatures.
• Detect high body temperatures in real-time
• Protect staff, visitors, and suppliers
• Automated and easy to use technology
• Reassure customers and improve public perception

Prevent Overcrowding with Real-Time
Occupancy Monitoring

Our proprietary machine learning algorithms and real-time data instantly restrict access to areas that have reached their capacity and then regrant access when it is safe.

• Comply with government occupancy regulations
• Limit the spread of infection
• Improve visitor service
• Prioritize employee safety
• Refine employee scheduling

Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 with
Ultraviolet Decontamination

Ultraviolet Decontamination

Our extensive suite of Ultraviolet Decontamination products has the ability to self-report information back to our centralized platform.
The HelixSpace UVC Products offering:
• Walk-in Plasma Cluster Tunnel
• Handheld Sanitizer
• Disinfection Box
• Conveyor Track
• UVC Mat
• Space Disinfection Unit

Identify and Eliminate
Airborne Toxins with Air
Quality Monitoring

Our Wellness Sensors measure the Indoor Air Quality
within and around facilities to improve the health
and comfort of occupants.
• Rethink ventilation and air cleaning status quo
• Identify and eliminate allergens and airborne toxins
• Real-time monitoring to instantly identify IAO threats
• Reduce odors, balance humidity, and reduce energy costs

Social Distancing

Enforce Social Distancing and Automate Contact Tracing with Geofencing

We empower organizations to enforce social distancing guidelines, but more importantly, track each occupant’s journey throughout the facility to provide valuable Contact Tracing data.
• Ensure that social distancing guidelines are being followed
• Contact tracing to identify all areas an infected individual contacted
• Automatically send real-time alerts on protected zones and exposure areas
• An effective way to monitor local and virtual teams

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